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Oleksandr Kozlovskiy

URGENT OFFICIAL DECLARATION We are in an emergency zone due to the war. Dr. Massimo Restivo was appointed today Commissioner General President pro tempore, we support, momentarily, our administrative and operational headquarters in Italy and Belgium [Elite_video_player id=”1″]


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The World Investment Forum will take place from 22 to 26 October 2018, at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, the United Nations Headquarters in Europe and an international business, economic development and diplomacy hub.   [su_youtube url=””]  

Agreement with the Italian association for Human Rights and Tolerance

On 25th October at the Lavra in Kiev, an important agreement for the sharing and collaboration between United Planet Foundation and the Italian Association for Human Rights and Forbid Tolerance was established. The signing of the two respective presidents Oleksndr Kozlovskiy and Fiorella Cerchiara, marks the affirmation of a common commitment in research, protection and

“Don’t forget … CHERNOBYL”

Speech by President Restivo event in commemoration of 30 years since the Chernobyl disaster. Kiev, Maidan Square, April 26, 2016   The April 26, 2016 marks the 30th anniversary of the catastrophic explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which has left an indelible mark in the world, becoming a symbol of the destructive potential

New Italian Office

The new italian headquarter of United Planet has been unofficially inaugurated today, March 23, in Ferrara. In the picture, from left to right: Loredano Rocchi, member of the organization’s Scientific Committee, italian branch President Giacomo Piazzi, Martina Manfrendini, Italy-based Communications and international events, Francesco Torelli, office coordinator.

Kiev’s Vesnianka music choir Awarded

An honorary award for the youth choir “Vesnianka” has been awarded by United Planet, on the occasion of the wonderful concert organized on March 8 by the famous violinist Leonila Merzhanova and the great theater director Alex Kruglikov. The choir Vesnianka, has had much applause of the audience and also sang with the young talented

Alexander Kozlovskiy candidate for president of United Planet

Deputy President Massimo Restivo has convened the Shareholders’ Meeting and and heads of international delegations, to promote the candidacies of Olexander Kozlovskiy, son of the late President Aglaia Kozlovska.

Carlo Rotunno young Italian singer, at the court of the United Nations

Carlo Rotunno, young Italian singer, already at the court of the United Nations, adopted and appointed as Artist Ambassador for Human Rights. Carlo owes his passion for singing to the innate musical gifts that have always characterized his person. He studied music from an early age and in 2012 he obtained a diploma in opera

United Planet World Humanitarian Day at Expo

United Planet is glad to catch the opportunity to have a place at Milan EXPO ’15 for the UN “World Humanitarian Day” that takes place on the 19th of August.   United Planet is glad to be presente there and to show its commitment to World Humanitarian Cause at the UN Expo “0” Pavilion  .