Dr Restivo at Ukrainian Parliament In news

Italian delegation in Kiev at the end of January ’15

Mr. Restivo will lead the first Italian delegation, after just a few days before the election of the new Ukrainian government.

The delegation, interested in trade with Ukraine, will have as its main theme the fashion, but also body care, tourism in Ferrara (Comacchio in particular), and the possibility of investment loans for the construction of the bar, restaurants, ice cream shops, absolutely, Italian Made. 

Mr. Restivo,  meet with the President of the International Chamber of Commerce tourism, Minister Plenipotentiary General Anatoliy Pakhlya.

Delegations to participate: the Italian representative of United Planet Doc. Giacomo Piazzi, the group coordinator Antonella Poletti; for fashion Dante Bruscantini, for make-up and body care, Paola Carboni, Cristina Rizzardi as Tourist Operator, Giovanni Fogli and Ilenia Succi Leonelli for food and catering. The delegation will be received by the Italian Ambassador in Ukraine, His Excellency Fabrizio Romano.


Photo: Mr. Massimo  Restivo at the Parliament of Ukraine